King Kohli’s tippy toe moving backwards six

Growing up, I played cricket everyday for 4-5 hours. Bowling in the depth is hard. As a fast bowler, it all comes down to length and line and not pace.

Haris Rauf was bowling phenomenally and that length where the ball is climbing up and meets you slightly below waist height is hard to predict and hit. You are cramped for room. Scoring a single is hard and more often it produces an edge or ballon’s the ball high up for an simple catch.

Kohl’s brilliance. I have no idea how he plays this but he is not moving front not back but almost on his tippy toes and moving backwards in motion when he simply swings and hits it big. I have watched this video about 50 times now and I’m in awe.

As Harsha Bhogle said it, “Kohli goes down the ground, Kohli goes out of the ground”.

What a shot! what a game!

Happy Diwali!